Sunday, Dec. 31, 2006 - 10:09 pm

I know that I haven't updated in a really long time. It's new years eve, and I figured I'd update.

I'll start out by telling you that this is by far the suckiest new years I've ever seen. First of all, I have a 3ml. size kidney stone in my right kidney. I also have several small stones in my left kidney. Secondly, my left kidney doesn't appear to be a solid organ. It's texture is spongey. I'm facing lithitripsy (or however the hell you spell it). They want to send me back to Morgantown.

Oh but it's gets better. I have an ovarion cyst. It hurts. and, AND I just started my "monthly cycle" a few hours ago. Not to mention the fact that I've been coughing my head off every few minutes for the past three days. What a way to ring in the new year.

I do have to say, I'm glad to be done with 2006. Let it be gone, and forgotton. This year has blown. Nothing has been good. Not one damn thing.

Melinda has been so mean to me lately. We're not seeing eachother anymore. And now it seems like we can't have one conversation on the phone without arguing.. but I'm not really here to tlak about her... I'm here bc my life sucks and I have nothing better to do than sit at this damn seat and type a bunch of bullshit to a fucking computer. I'm pathetic. Bye.. .